The seeds of TGM were sown when Peppe and Fawn started otiveiL, a focaccia, to bring countryside flavours to city dwellers. The name otiveiL is lievito spelt backwards – the cornerstone of all the focaccia was a 50-year-old lievito madre (wild yeast culture) handed down by Peppe’s grandparents.

In search of other such elements that tell a story, improve flavour and texture, and are chock full of nutrients, they delved into the world of Sicilian ancient grains. They learnt about the impressive properties of these autochthonous grains, and discovered the uphill battle farmers face in preventing these grains from being wiped out by cash crops.

At the same time, customers were expressing their growing fears about what they were feeding themselves and their loved ones. Peppe and Fawn wanted to create a safe haven where people could eat without any worries. They decided that the solution lies in the past, and sought to help revive and share the values of ancient grains.

TGM was thus born, with the mission to ensure that safe, happy and meaningful food is accessible to current and future generations.

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Peppe hails from Caltagirone in Sicily. He grew up watching his grandmother prepare scrumptious dishes from scratch in the countryside. Food has always been a central part of his life, having put himself through law school by working in various F&B positions in different parts of the world. Fawn was born and bred in Singapore before packing her bags for a lifetime of adventure studying and working abroad. Coming from a family that made it a point to eat together whenever possible, she is intrigued by how approach towards food reflects attitude in life.