We understand that the versatility of ancient grains may be hard to grasp at first, so instead of fretting about what you can do with our flours, start with what you would like in mind and we’ll give you the solution.


Fluffy loaves
Chewy loaves with a nutty aroma
Loaves with small, uniform bubbles and a herby aroma


Soft focaccia and flatbreads
Rustic focaccia and flatbreads


Crusty, rustic pizza
Fluffy pizza

Recipes calling for all-purpose flour

Classic cookies and cakes
Rustic cakes and muffins
Butter and pound cakes
Waffles and pancakes
Crackers and biscuits
Pie crusts

Flour to make Fresh Pasta

Chewier pasta ideal for chunky sauces
Silkier pasta ideal for smooth sauces

Single-Grain Flours

The quintessential Sicilian ancient grain, Timilia is a high-protein flour that is rich in fibres and with extremely low gluten index. It is appreciated for its chestnut brown hue and intense notes of almond, hazelnut and barley. A high-hydration flour, Timilia loaves maintain their softness and fragrance well.

Russello’s name comes from its distinctive rusty, reddish hue. Loaves and flatbreads made with Russello have a rustic crust and a light, herby aroma. When combined with other flours, Russello provides a special boost for more oven spring. In the Ragusa province in Sicily, Russello is also used in flavourful slow-dried fresh pasta.

Named after the village where it thrived during the 1920s thanks to optimal climate, suitable terrain and hardworking farmers, Margherito is chock full of amino acids, vitamins and minerals. As a low-gluten flour, Margherito combines well with other flours and is especially suited for making pizza and fresh pasta.

Long before all-purpose flour was engineered, there was Majorca. Traditionally reserved for the Sicilian elites due to its fluffy texture and white hue, Majorca is ideal for cakes, cookies, biscuits and anything sweet. When used in combination with other flours, Majorca adds some tender loving care for a softer bite and a buttery fragrance.

Evolutivo comes from fields where each sheaf of wheat is of a different height. It is a continuous cycle of man and nature working hand in hand, where diversity and adaptability are the order of the day. Suitable as a replacement for all-purpose flour, you can count on its layers of aromas and superior nutritional value.

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